Daddy J
The founder of Aerosolik Records
Producer/ DJ/ Promoter/ Musician/ Director and Radio Show host and not forgetting devoted rastafarian… the daddy has been on it for years, starting Aerosolik on 1998 creating tough beats for various collaborations.

Percy Filth

Percy got involved with HipHop as a youngster and started popping and breaking at the tender age of 8. With the help of street sounds electro albums, he soon fell in love with all aspects of the scene.

Rebel Radics

SoundSystem is Run by Beigeman,ManaDunky, Ash, Daddy J & P.A’s from Colein.They run monley nights & Events in Scarborough ,North Yorkshire..check out there Facebook pages for up & coming tings


Colein started in 1995 with Paul Freegard at the controls. ,With rel;easing ‘WITH THE SUN’ (United) 1997 sorry the releases of Boy Georges ‘PROTEIN’ 10 a penny singer EP and ‘BLACK 47’ EP in 2001 with Sounds from the Ground released the hit  ‘LEAN ON ME’ which is on various chillout compilation and sounds great in Coleins live set.

Bunny King

Rastafarian stencil artist, doing fresh Reggae artist portraits for the customers all over the world.Check out his Instagram page @aerosolik.Click the link to the Bunny King Facebook page

Mnky boy – aka Mr Gogglez – the founder of gogglez collective began Dj’ing in Brighton in 1996 with his random electric flows he always gets the party jumping.  Many have tried to recreate the gogglez since it’s untimely death at it’s original home The Tavern Club but not have succeeded.

Bushy Eyebrows

Once upon a time in a distant land far far away lived an old collective of beings with 3 arms and extraterrestrial sized eyebrows, the were a quiet race and never caused any bother.

Carlton ‘Killawatt’ Valley

Dis ya one shock like electric eel. Calrton Kilawatt Valley the Vatican Stormtrooper, the mascot, the boombacelot, singer and producer launched elustrious career witht the batty dread EP on his own chariot records.


Stepping into the world of hip hop as a newcomer in 2001 with producer STONE AGE MAN ‘6 YEARS OF NOTHING’ received great views. A Unique flow to his understated british vocals with an element of his tongue in his cheek, and imaginative humour brings something fresh to genre often to taken to seriously.

Percy Filth & Mylostone

Producer Percy Filth and emcee Mylo Stone Had such a conversation around 10 years ago and thankfully what could have been an elephant is instead s hiny EP on Aerosolik Records and Eatgood Records collectively.

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